How To Setup A Fresh Printer

Last updated on March 31st, 2021 at 06:45 am

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Setting up a new printer is not a daunting task. Setups are generally straightforward and printer manufacturer’s supplies cheat sheets and user manual to make the whole process easy. With some of the printers, you can easily set them up by easily connecting it to the PC and a power supply. But there are other printers as well that requires few more steps. Here, we have mentioned some of the basic steps that you have to follow in order to set up your printer.

  1. First of all free the printer from the box and remove all the various pieces of Styrofoam and tape
  2. Then connect the printer’s power cable by plugging one end into the computer and the other end  into the outlet
  3. After that, connect the printer to console cable.

Note: Printer does not come with this cable; in that case you have to buy the cable separately.

  • Read the user manual carefully and follow the given instructions intently.
  • Turn the printer on by using its power button
  • Locate the printer settings on your computer. If you are using a Mac, then you can discover them in system preferences and if you are using Windows, then you will find them in the Control Panel.
  • After selecting the option of Add Printer, follow the instructions that were given
  • Now do a printing test to see if the printer is working fine or not. To print you just have to simply select the file>Print from the browser’s menu, or you can just press Ctrl+P
  •  Locate and select the printer from the list and then click print.
  • The page will then be printed. If it still doesn’t work, then don’t fright, you can try using some of the other resolutions to common problems.

Install Drivers And Interface

You have to install printers’ drivers as these will enable you to print from PC on which they are installed. Drivers can be accessed easily in Windows through the Control Panel, under Printers and Drivers.

So, If you only want to install the printer and not the software, then you can install the printer by following the below mentioned steps.

  1. Click open the control panel (Connect and turn-on the printer first)
  2. then double-click the Printers or Fax and Printer option
  3. Click on add a printer icon which is in the Printer window
  4. After completing the above listed steeps, click on next (which is in the Windows Printer Wizard) to start the wizard
  5. Choose between installing a Network or Local printer.
  6. When impelled for the location of the printer driver the point it to the printer CD

Turn On A Printer!

After completing the whole process of connecting printer to the computer, you can turn it on easily by using the power button which is present on the front of the printer. Usually, the power button is on the front right corner of the printer but the placement of the button depends on the type of printer you are using.

If you are still facing trouble, then try using the tips above to find a solution or try connecting with the professionals of EGeekyTech. They will help you in finding the solution for your printer.

We have tried to cover each and every point on this blog. If you are still facing issues then you can connect with the experts available at EGeekyTech.

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